The best investment on earth is earth-Louis Glickman.

As the quote says, the best investment is to invest on Land. Because, open plots or land gives you the best ROI. Even though it looks lucrative for the best returns, it is important to consider few parameters before purchasing the properties.

Location: The first and foremost thing is Location. Because everything starts from the location. Even our mobile GPS & Google Map works based on the location. In real estate also Location is especially important. Because based on the location either the land value goes up or down. You need to verify the proximity of prominence areas, whether it is easily accessible, if not how much more time it will take to reach that position. In simple words find out the location highlights. Don’t get lured by the cost and buy a land which do not have any development future.

Credibility of the plot: Find out the value of the plot. Do not rush to buy the plot even if you get a best deal. Do a quick research for the plot, check with the referrals or hire a professional real estate agent or company. Understand everything about the plot related to paper works & approvals from local authorities.

Title Deed Verification: Check the title deeds from the seller. Verify whether the seller have all the rights to sale the property. Get the original deed verified by your lawyer. Because Title deed is the legal document for the complete process of buying & selling.

Area of the plot: Check out the complete area of the plot, verify it with the document. Make sure the area of the plot is apt for your dream home and if you are looking for Investment then make sure that it is going to be a long-term investment & gives you the best returns.

Local Authority Approvals: The open plot should have local authority approvals. Check for the necessary approval documents and make sure it is verified by the lawyer. If it is a bigger layout plan then re-verify everything and check whether it have all the necessity approvals or not.

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